Professional Experience
     Black N' Animated Podcast                                                                                                                       2018
            Co-Host, Producer
          -    Track and schedule episode air dates, interviews, and general episodes utilizing spreadsheets
           -    Maintain active social media, engage with listeners, and edit episodes when needed
           -    Communicate with guests via email and respond in a timely manner
    The Refinery Creative   -Sherman Oaks , CA                                                                                     2016-2017
            Interactive Digital Designer
               -   Layout of digital banners promoting various entertainment properties
               -   Social media motion graphics in After Effects
               -    Layout of E-blasts and website skins, for various clients such as Amazon, Dreamworks, Fox,and Disney
              -    Work Closely with creative team to ensure the needs of the client are met
              -    Create Storyboard comps of interactive banners to present to clients
              -    Prepare deliverables on client viewing site

          PACO COLLECTIVE   -Chicago, IL                                                                                                     2015-2016
             Jr. Art Director
               - Develop and create digital banners, print ads, billboards, bus shelters, print media for clients
               - Participate and collaborate with Art Directors and Copywriters to produce new ad campaigns for various brands
               - Create Storyboard Illustrations for commercial pitches to clients
               - Assist in character design development with production houses for commercials for clients
               - Attend film shoot days and audio recording sessions for commercials

Independent Projects/Freelance Illustration,Storyboarding, Animation

“The Legend of Facebeard” - Animation Production Studio                                                           2014-2015

     Storyboard Artist, Animator, Key Poser, Character Designer

-          Contributed character designs to group project
-          Developed storyboards based on script and pre-visualized the shots and scenes
-          Translate storyboard to key poses for the animators
-          Composite Animation in After Effects, and Color Animation in ToonBoom Harmony

 “Between Thieves” – Animation Solo Project -Teaser Trailer                                                         2013-2015
        Director, Producer, Writer, Storyboard Artist, Character Designer, Animator                                                                                                
-          Created original concept and wrote story for short animated film
-          Developed all characters, pre-visualization elements and storyboards
-          Design key poses and animating sequences (ongoing)


-  Photoshop, Illustrator, ToonBoom Harmony, ToonBoom Animate Pro 2, Paint Tool Sai,
    Storyboard Pro, Pencil Check Pro, DragonFrame,
-  Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro 7, Sony Vegas, Avid

Other Skills
                     -     4 Years of Television Production at Lyons Township High school
                     -     A/V operator at Hinsdale United Methodist Church

Columbia College Chicago                                                                          
Cinema Arts and Science: Concentration of Traditional Animation –Bachelor of the Arts                            2011-2015