ComEd Smart Thermostat Educational Video
Extension Ad from the ComEd Smart Savings. This commercial showcases the capabilities of the Smart thermostats
and how easy with a fun twist using animals. Final product to be animated by The Mill. 

ComEd Smart Savings
ComEd wanted to promote the usage of smart thermostats in order to save energy and save money. By partnering with brands such as
Nest and Ecobee a commercial was created in order to promote the savings and rebate when using these certain brands.
The 2nd Concept was chosen and reworked for the final product to be animated by The Mill.

BlueCross BlueShield Open Enrollment
Partnering with HYCConnect BlueCross BlueShield wanted commercial/Online Ads
targeted at the Latino community for enrollment of health insurance. 

ComEd: In The Spotlight
ComEd wanted to promote ENERGY STAR certified washer and dryer products
 as well as the rebate that consumers get with purchase and energy savings. 

 The final product was to be animated by The Mill.